Privacy Policy

This privacy policy elucidates the legal terms and conditions governing this site and the information exchange between the website proprietors and its users.

In the course of providing services to our users, we collect requisite personal information. To lawfully avail yourself of the services and offerings of this website, adherence to and acceptance of this privacy policy is imperative. Should you dissent from this policy, you must cease using the services provided by this website.

Collection of Personal Data:

To fully benefit from our services, user registration on the website is mandatory. During the registration process, the site will solicit specific personal data and information. This data is exclusively employed for the enhancement of user experience and bolstering the security of the website.

The collection of personal data is exclusively aimed at ensuring the accessibility of our services to you. Under no circumstances will data or personal information be gathered without your explicit consent. The personal data in question may encompass your name and contact number. However, this does not encompass sensitive information such as passport numbers, driver’s license numbers, bank card details, or any other registration identifiers issued by a third party.

A private account necessitates the creation of a password. It is imperative to safeguard this password at all times, refraining from disclosing it to any external entity or employing it with third-party services.


To fortify security measures and preempt any potential breaches, we may employ encryption protocols to safeguard your data and password, thereby ensuring uninterrupted access to our services.

Encryption of data is implemented solely to maximize security and thwart any potential security breaches. Your data and personal information are leveraged exclusively to furnish you with our premium services. Acceptance of our privacy policy is a prerequisite for utilizing our services.

The website reserves the right to modify encryption policy without prior notice to users. By utilizing our services, you bestow upon us the authority to adjust the encryption policy as needed to uphold maximum security.

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